Actual day wedding photography. At MomentSG. we have garnered more than 8 years of experience in actual wedding photography. A wedding photographer knows what key shots to look out for at every wedding and will always be on the lookout for fleeting magical moments. From the morning make-up and hairdo routine, to the groomsmen arrival, gate crash activities, and the traditional tea ceremony, we've got it all covered.  

We do not adopt a specific wedding photography style, because every actual day wedding is unique and will be different. As with each and every newly-wed, they have different style in mind, and our job is to be versatile.  Communication is key, It plays an important role for us to get to know what the couple have in mind. With every actual day wedding requirement, we will do our best to deliver! After all, our goal is to capture moments and hope these photos will put smiles on faces years down the road. Hopefully, with the little ones sitting on your lap. 

Our Promises;

- Being on time. It may sound like  common sense, but punctuality issues do happen on an actual day wedding.

- No outsource photographers. Only the pre-assigned photographer will be at your actual day wedding.

- Equipment are well maintained and we will prepare backup equipment. One can never be too careful especially on an actual day wedding, where every moment are once-in-a-lifetime. 

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