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Preparation for an Actual Day Wedding!

There's a million things running through your mind right now. The venue, the food, the guest list, invitation cards, seating arrangements, groomsmen, bridesmaid, parents requirement, actual day wedding arrangements and so much more.


While as cliché as it sounds, always forecast and plan ahead. After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So give your self at least 6 months in advance to start planning. Although I would say, to be safe, 12 months in advance. This is because, the average venue bookings are about 12 months in advance, with majority of the people booking their desired venue 1 year in advance! So if you only start planning at a later stage, you will have less options and leverages on better deals. Next, invitation! Singapore is a busy city with majority of our friends and family members hustling day in day out. An earlier notice of your wedding date is much appreciated and enough lead time for guests to "RSVP". With that, you will find it easier to sweep up the remaining few that has not state their confirmation and provide the final numbers to the caterers in time. As with your photographers, videographers, make-up and hairdo stylist. They are usually booked as far as 1.5 years in advance! So give yourself a comfortable lead time, so that the 2 of you can have an amicable, and less tense preparation and in turn giving you a much less stressed actual day wedding preparation. With that being said, you also do not want to plan way too early in advance. We've had clients who signed packages with us 2 years in advance, no kidding! There are always deals out there, be it now or 2 years later, so do not rush into it. Of course, If it is a highly desired venue, why not!


I would say, budgeting would be something you do from a few years before. I am sure many of us have heard one way or another, SAVINGS! Lets face it, it is going to costs a bomb! But, it is better anticipating it than it hitting you right in your face. We should always have savings but not just for rainy days, but also for other stuff such as wedding.

Lets say the 2 of you have been going out for awhile now, he got down on one knee, you said yes, and the thoughts of happily ever after pops right in your head. For the next few days, all you could think of other than spending the rest of your life with this special someone, is your dream wedding, the gown, the series of events and what not. Now, lets say the 2 of you had some money stashed out, probably could be use on a wedding, and voila! Begins your journey to this once in a life time event!

No doubt things gets really intense but exciting too, setting a wedding budget and keeping to it is crucial. Many times we would often think of it as, "since its a once in a life time event, might as well use all of the money we have on it!" we do have to think about what's after the wedding. Life begins from there not end, as much as the journey to holy matrimony is crucial, the journey after the wedding is a beginning of another beginning's end. It is easier said than done, to be spending within limits, but I would highly suggest that you stick on the budget you have set aside. This means that you do not over spend on each of the wedding item meant for your actual day wedding. Prioritize the items that means more for you and your "SO" and strike a balance between paying for something that means a lot to you, and the practicality of it, than making it look good for your guests. More often than not, we think about how others would like rather than how we would like it. Easier said than done, strike a fair balance. I have been to weddings where it wasn't held at a 5-star hotel banquet, but a hideaway corner of the country, breath taking atmosphere, amazing food and an amazing evening;

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Don't be surprise that the cost is comparable or may even be lower than a conventional hotel banquet.

Over at MomentSG, we do not just talk about photo or video services, we are friendly people, and we give our honest opinion given that we have been in the market for a good 8 years. So everything is based on our own experience. Stay tuned for our weekly article. Till next time!

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